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Hello! I am 

Shefa Ahsan

Creative Director, GA Media

After receiving her BA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, Shefa knew she wanted to tell stories in a creative way. Passionate about progressive politics, she knew that one way to do this was to present campaign launch and hype videos in a new way. When she's not shooting the newest soon-to-go-viral campaign video, Shefa also freelances – fun fact, she took all of the photos you see on the GA website!

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My Story

I always knew I wanted to make films.

From an early age I had a camera strapped around my neck, documenting and capturing moments that meant something to me.

As I got older I kept making films and I began to notice the impact that they have on the people watching them. They have the power to be a direct emotional connection to its viewers – making them sad, happy, inspired, enraged, etc.

I ended up getting my bachelors in Film and Media Arts and shortly after graduating began working full time in this industry.

I love getting to know people’s stories, and now every day I get to share those stories in a beautiful, cinematic way.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.