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Hello! I am 

Shefa Ahsan

Creative Director, GA Media

After receiving her BA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, Shefa knew she wanted to tell stories in a creative way. Passionate about progressive politics, she knew that one way to do this was to present campaign launch and hype videos in a new way. When she's not shooting the newest soon-to-go-viral campaign video, Shefa also freelances – fun fact, she took all of the photos you see on the GA website!

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Meet the Team

Amatullah Contractor

Co-Director, GA Media


Amatullah is a dedicated community organizer with a passion for civic engagement and helping underestimated communities build and wield their collective power. Prior to this role, Amatullah served as the team lead of Emgage’s Texas chapter where she helped build power within the Muslim community by engaging the community in electoral participation and grassroots advocacy.

B.A., Political Science, University of Houston

Voting rights
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Cultural immersion

Meghna Shetty

Branding & Graphic Design, GA Media

Meghna is a multi-disciplinary creative with a fashion background, diving into the graphic design world to create unique outcomes with a fusion of these skillsets. As a fellow at the Career Equity and Access center at Suffolk, she actively supported efforts to engage students from underrepresented communities. Her passion for diversity and inclusion helped to increase campus outreach and she also led the development and implementation of programs that educates the Suffolk community about equity and inclusion topics in the context of the workplace and student development.


M.A., Graphic Design, Suffolk University, Boston, MA.

BFA, Fashion Design & Technology, Pearl Academy, India



Animated Series
Binge watching The Office


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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